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Dear Broadway Baker: Thank you for your delicious treats and your generous charity work. I must say that everyone I have sent your goodies to has raved about them. It is so nice to have a product I can believe in. Your creativity and the loving care in which you bake is evident in every bite! I especially love your gluten free cupcakes. They are the best I’ve tasted - and the best looking! I look forward to many more orders!
— Your Fan, Michele
Here’s a standing ovation for The Broadway Baker! I order all my Opening Night goodies from Jim, and they’re always fresh, on time and delicious. Every recipient has been thrilled with the flavors and packaging…they really add to the celebration! And knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes to charity makes the purchase and the eating that much sweeter. Thanks for everything Jim, and we wish you continued success in bringing deliciousness and smiles to the world.
— Ilene Graff, Studio City, CA
Broadway Baker has the best baked goodies in NYC. Really. Everything is always fresh and always delicious. They have, hands down, the best cupcakes I’ve ever had (don’t tell mom). Everyone I’ve shared Broadway Baker’s products with have all asked the same question, “Where did you get these?!” That’s a true sign of a wonderful product. You can really tell that everything is made with care and love. Thanks Jim!
— Clay, NYC
Broadway Baker has redefined the baked good! I absolutely love to cater his treats for office lunches and events because I know they will always be on time, beautifully presented, and unbelievably delicious. Jim is the real deal - his attention to detail and his truly incredible skill with an oven always go above and beyond expectations - I find myself day-dreaming about those macaroons! Thanks and thanks and thanks!
— Emilie Soffe, Office Coordinator, TED Conferences, New York, NY
Dear Jim~You and your goodies are the absolute SWEETEST!!! I mean REALLY!!! Not only has everything that I have ordered from you ~ from Opening Night Baskets, to Hostess Baskets, to Happy Birthday Baskets to Thanks A Million Baskets ~ been voted DEEELICIOUS by all who have the great fortune of receiving them, but all your other personal touches..... the hand written notes, the TLC with the delivery, your exquisite attention to detail ~ well this Chicago gal is TOTALLY impressed!!! Thank you for making my friends gifts so sweet and just as important ~ for making the lives of others who need our help, sweeter as well. It’s not often you can find a wonderful gem of business who does both philanthropy and excellent product so divinely as you!!! BRAVO Jim, you have a loyal customer in me!!!!!
— Cathy Nathan, Chicago, Il
Having spent years as the Office Manager for a Television Commercial Production Company, I have had my share of “basket” vendors. What sets Broadway Baker apart from any other “basket” I’ve offered is purely taste. Yes, the presentation is not only ecologically conscientious, and the personal “touch”, as classy as it gets, but it boils down to the hand selected impeccable ingredients. Broadway Baker’s macaroons, cookies, brownies, granola and shortbreads have been enthusiastically enjoyed by the refined palates of the many foodies I know (and don’t know so well!). I always get IMMEDIATE feedback upon receipt, usually in the form of “Who is this guy? This is incredible, sinful, I can’t stop!” Whether you have a large corporate event or intimate fete, and want to represent yourself as a discerning consumer, or simply want to give a heartfelt “Thanks”, Broadway Baker will complete your already (assumed) beautiful event, or thank you card in only the artistic way he can. What a pleasure!
— Natalie Nucci, former Office Manager for Johns + Gorman Films, Hollywood
Eat, drink and be merry — but not without Broadway Baker. Believe us, they are the sweetest thing in town and Jim is every bit as good as the product! We are a group of athletes and eaters and we agree — Broadway Baker is worth every bite!
— Lou-Ellen Barkan--President & CEO, Alzheimer's Association NYC Chapter
“One morning, I came to my office and as usual there were sweets in the office kitchen. But these were no ordinary sweets. They were extraordinary! I just had to taste a little of everything—the mini loaves, cookies, and other assorted treats that looked so inviting and were deliciously fragrant. When I heard that they were made by my friend Jim and that Jim was now “The Broadway Baker” it made so much sense to me. Jim puts his all into all he does. And these were the be-all-end-all! I’ve recommended him to everyone I know, and have ordered his delicious specialty cakes for both personal and professional consumption. And his care to use the best and most natural ingredients make everything taste even better. Plus he donates a portion of the sales to three charities, one of which (BC/EFA) I work for. So don’t hesitate, place an order now!
— Peter Borzotta--Retail Outreach Manager, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Amazing food, beautiful presentation and service like nobody else. And a portion of the proceeds benefit charity - what’s not to love. I couldn’t be more pleased and wouldn’t think of ever using anybody else.
— Kirsten, Williamsport, PA
Jim has been such a pleasure to work with! Not only does he bring cheer to our clients and staff with his absolutely incredible baked goods but with his warm and caring personality. We all look forward to seeing him (and his goodies) at our events and the Chapter.
— Hillary Caceres on behalf of the Alzheimer's Association, NYC Chapter
As one of our philanthropic merchant, Broadway Baker and some of its tasty products are also featured on my site Their commitment to donate a portion of their sale to support worthy causes is a testament to their true nature of “doing well by doing good” both personally and professionally. Plus, they are amazing bakers and they get an A++ for overall “customer service.”
— Filomena LaForgia, CEO/Founder of
Wowza! I just finished my first Broadway Baker cupcake and after I licked my fingers of any available icing, I marched right over to my computer to tell you how delicious your cupcakes are! SO MOIST! SO FRESH! SO DELICIOUS! I’ve had many a cupcake in my day, but that was by far the best cupcake I’ve ever had! I also love that you are such a charitable organization. Thanks for putting a smile on my face as well as my coworkers! Fabulous delivery also :).
— Megan, NY, NY
I don’t know if you’re a marketing genius or just uncommonly generous (or maybe both), but I can say this: as a customer service experience, this is unprecedented. I received the delightful box of mini’s today, and you have swiftly resolved an item on my to-do list. Instead of waiting for my friend’s call to gauge the success of her birthday present, I have now done the taste testing myself and can move directly along to some additional orders.
— Cindy
Delicious! So good I had to call them to say thank you! These were some of the best cupcakes we have ever had and we will definitely order again!
— Suzanne L, NYC
Everything arrived safe and sound and all I can say is that those shortbread thumbprint cookies are absolutely by far the best I have ever tasted. My late grandfather was a baker by profession so growing up I was no stranger to exceptional baked goods. The first bite of your shortbread transported me back 45 years to a time when quality and attention to detail mattered and I was flooded with wonderful memories of him long since forgotten. Only a cookie expertly crafted could have such power. I can’t begin to thank you enough.
— Phil, Washington, D.C.